Stuck alone in Falmouth for a week felt like holidays. Got to watch a gig at the marina pub with all the ladies dressed as pinups, would go for a run in the mornings and spend lazy days afloat while looking for crew online and preparing for the crossing. Also Read more
11th of April of 2019. Myself, one Irish and an English lads slipped the lines on a dream trip sailing from Ireland to the Mediterranean. Thirst for adventure, fairly well stocked with booze, as confident as pirates who have sailed the 7 seas, as experienced as less than a thousand Read more
It's been 3 months already since this trip was finished and I think I'm ready to write about it and share some more content. In case you missed it check out the Instagram: @neverlandexpedition Lots of dolphins, free fish, cheap beer, sunsets, falling stars, good stories, bad stories and of Read more
After almost 10 months living aboard a boat in Ireland, my time here is getting to its end. No, I'm not selling Neverland. It has all been part of a bigger plan that started way before buying the boat. All the research, savings, training, then buying the boat, then living Read more
This is the story of my bravest and biggest personal challenge. It was my 31st birthday and I decided to challenge myself as a gift (yeah, I love myself), so I crossed the Irish Sea again to the Isle of Man, but alone this time. I was scared, it was Read more
4th of August 2018. Only two months after Neverland was bought we started what was going to be the greatest adventure of our lives: Crossing the Irish sea to Wales! 7am we met at the entrance of Dun Laoghaire Marina. Julius and Benjamin (two German guys who I met at Read more