Dream Trip – I sailed from Ireland all the way to Italy (Intro)

It’s been 3 months already since this trip was finished and I think I’m ready to write about it and share some more content. In case you missed it check out the Instagram: @neverlandexpedition

Lots of dolphins, free fish, cheap beer, sunsets, falling stars, good stories, bad stories and of course salt water everywhere.

3700 nautical miles, or a thousand miles more than an Atlantic crossing, is what it took me and a bunch of really cool people I met along the way to get there. For the record I have sailed 4400nm so far, 4150nm (95%) as captain believe it or not.

If you want a full taste of trip, here it goes:

Ireland to Italy – 6 months of sailing, 1 second a day…

This is just an intro of the trip which I’ll divide in 5 parts:

Check back later for the next posts. Cheers!

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